Saving Faith

romans-mission-to-lifeThis morning we continued our emphasis on bringing our mission to life as we dive into the book of Romans.  Pastor Ryan brought our focus to Romans 4:1-8, as we looked at what it has to say about saving faith.

However, before we can study what saving faith is, we must recognize what it is not.  Saving faith is NOT:

  • A vivid imagination
  • Believing a set of facts about Jesus
  • A powerful force that manipulates God
  • Optimism

Saving Faith is characterized by:

  1. An honest confession: We have nothing God needs and we can never earn His love.
  2. A willing surrender: We don’t work in order to be saved, we work because we’ve been saved.
  3. A transformed identity: We take on the righteousness of God.

Here are some questions to guide your discussion today:

  • In what area of your life are you trying to earn God’s love?
  • Think about your day and a name some things you “rest” in.  How are you resting in God?
  • The world tells us that goodness comes from what we do, but God tells us that we receive grace only through His Son, Jesus.  What are some ways that you can remember how God sees you this week?

Finish your time together by thanking the Lord for His grace and love and asking Him to remind you of how He sees you.