The Blessing

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Scripture Passage: Deuteronomy 30:19

The Blessing by Dr. John Trent.

We all will and are passing on a legacy to the people around us. This legacy can either be a blessing or a curse.  We can learn how to live out the blessing everyday by choosing to live and give the Blessing to those in our life.

It all begins with a choice. Deuteronomy 30:19 reminds us that we have two different choices:

  1. Life or Death
  2. Curse or Blessing

The Choice to Bless involves:

  1. Appropriate Meaningful Touch
  2. Speak Message (Praise)
  3. Attach High Value
  4. Picture of Special Future
  5. Genuine Commitment

Discussion Points:

  • Are there parts of your life where you have denied the blessing that the Lord offers us?
  • Who can you give the Blessing too?
  • What type of animal are you? (the lion, the otter, the golden retriever or the beaver)
  • How does knowing the personality type of those around you help you relate to them?