Our Church / Our Vision

Too many people wander through life with no purpose. How do we fulfill our purpose in Christ? Pastor Ryan gave us insight for our church and for our personal lives using Paul as an example in Romans 10.

  1. Start with the WHY – “Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.” Rom 10:1   What is your heart’s desire? Paul’s desire was to reach the lost with the Gospel. As believers, this should be our desire as well.
  2. Clarify the WHAT – Kingsland’s mission is to reach 10,000 homes with the Gospel of Jesus by 2025. Every person that calls Kingsland home should be a part of this mission.
  3. Envision the HOW – People can’t know Jesus unless they hear. We are all called to tell the Good News of Jesus. Kingsland has a practical strategy.
    1. Maximize this campus
    2. Missions around the world
    3. Multi-site – We are praying for 300 people to follow God’s leading to start our new campus in the fall at Bethke Elementary. It’s an exciting time for our church to reach homes in this area of Katy. It is projected that there will be 15,000 homes built in this area by 2025!

Kingsland sends people all over the world to reach people with the Gospel. Are we willing to be missional and uncomfortable here?

Discussion Questions:

Where is your family serving?

Who are you sharing Jesus with?

Is God calling your family to go to the new campus?