God’s Gifts to Us

romans-mission-to-lifePastor Ryan Cook continued our study in Romans. The focus was on the gifts we receive when we make a decision to follow Christ. Romans 5:1-5 show us several of these gifts:

1. God’s Gift of Justification

Justification is not the same as forgiveness. Forgiveness implies that you are guilty but the crime doesn’t count against you. Justification implies that you are altogether innocent. How does that work? James 2:10 makes it clear we are ALL guilty of breaking God’s law. God’s gift is to not only cancel our sin, but to also give us Christ’s righteousness. When God looks at His children, He only sees the righteousness of Christ.

2. God’s Gift of Reconciliation

God uses grace and peace to reconcile us. When we are in sin, we are declaring independence from God. Romans 5:10 says we are enemies of God. When we put our faith in Jesus, we become His children and we can then walk in God’s peace and grace.

3. God’s Gift of Expectation

Romans 5:2 reminds us that we exult in the hope of the glory of God. We have hope in living with God forever in Heaven, but we also have hope for the trials in our lives right now. We grow closer to God through the trials.

Discussion Points:

  • Talk about what sin is. A list of things we do wrong, or a state of being in rebellion to God?
  • If God wipes away our sins, why can’t we just live the way we want to?
  • How do difficult circumstances make us closer to God?