Our Daily Bread

Prayers Sermon SeriesScripture Passage: Matthew 6:9-13

This week, Pastor Ryan transitioned from an emphasis on the vastness of God to something seemingly mundane — bread. However, there is actually great importance in praying for our daily needs. When we pray “give us this day our daily bread” we are really saying, “Lord, give us what we need the most.”

Praying for “our daily bread” is…

1. A Grateful Prayer: Sometimes our greatest need is to change our perspective, not our circumstances.

2. A Dependent Prayer: Every day we must look to God for strength and provision.

3. An Active Prayer: Praying for bread means that someone is going to have to bake the bread. We take part in the Lord’s answer.

4. A Requesting Prayer: We are invited to request great things from God, but ultimately the greatest need that we have is a relationship with a Holy God.

Below are some questions to guide your discussion today:

• The past few weeks we have focused on God’s Kingdom and God’s will. As we shift to praying about our needs, how does understanding God’s character and plan change the desires you pray about?

• What are some ways that you have seen God call you to active prayer in the past?

• We are called to ask great things of God. Have you ever had a request that you were scared to bring to God? If so, where do you think that fear came from?

As you pray today, bring your requests to our strong and loving God, remembering that we can rely on Him for our daily needs.

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