The Light and The Glory of God

who-is-god-fnlScripture Passage: John 8

Glory is defined as “God’s majestic beauty and splendor; the excellence of His character.” Jesus is the fulfillment of the glory of God and how God manifests His glory. There are two blessings we receive because God is glorious.

A. God’s glory is a revealed glory.

God reveals His glory to us through creation, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible. God did not have to reveal himself to us, but graciously does so. So the revealed glory of God is a blessing.

B. God’s glory is a reflected glory.

We have access to the glory of God and we get to reflect God’s glory. Through our lives we get to participate in the glory of God.

As you go into your week, we encourage you to think about the following questions.

What does the glory of God mean to you?
How do you see God’s glory in your life?
How are you participating in God’s glory?

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