Student Mission Trip Reflections

Scripture Passage: 1 Corinthians 13

This month, more than 400 Kingsland students and adults served in mission trips from Houston’s inner city all the way to the Middle East. They shared the story of God’s love and demonstrated His love in practical ways. As a result, we met many needs and many people came to faith in Christ.

This morning, Pastor Ryan talked about what it means to love others. In the English language we only have one word to describe love but when the Bible was written they had multiple words for love. In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul used the word “agape” which means “sacrificial love.”

Pastor Ryan expanded on agape love:

1. Love is absolutely essential (Verses 1-3)
2. Love is a decision – not an emotion (Verses 4-8)
3. Love puts the needs and interests of others first. (Verses 9-13)

Today we heard from students who went around the world to show agape love. Each story allowed us to see a glimpse of what God did and will continue to do through their work over these past few weeks. They were, as Pastor Ryan explained, showing the people the kind of love that is actually a reflection of Jesus.


• Pastor Ryan encouraged us to allow the Holy Spirit to bring a person to our mind that we could show agape love to. Discuss as a family the person you can show God’s love to.

• What are some ways you can show God’s love to your neighbors and community?

• As a family pray for the different states and countries that the students went to and for the Lord to continue revealing Himself to the people of those communities.

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