The Compassionate Savior

who-is-god-fnlScripture Passage: John 11:33-37

Grief is a painful emotion of deep sorrow, sadness, and pain over a loss. The loss could be the death of a loved one or a number of other types of losses that result in deep sadness and pain.

As a culture we try to avoid pain and have difficulty helping others who are in pain.  However, God is compassionate and provides hope and healing in the midst of our pain.

1. Loss is unavoidable but grief is a choice.  
When we choose to ignore or deny or pain we get stuck. God tells us to bring our pain to Him so He can comfort us.

2. Grief is best done in community.
God uses other people to walk alongside us in our season of grief.

3. God grieves with you.
God hurts when His children hurt and sent a solution to the reason we are in pain, our Savior Jesus Christ.

How To Get Unstuck
Pastor Ryan shared practical steps that lead us through our pain to healing in Jesus Christ. Ask God to help you answer the following questions:

A. List the losses that I haven’t grieved over.
Bring each loss to God in prayer and ask God to help you grieve the losses.

B. Identify what I have lost.
What are the losses that are “under the surface” and a result of the more obvious loss I am grieving.

C. Have the courage to lament.
Expressing our grief to God through our words and tears.

D. Understand the bigger picture.
Jesus defeated death and gave us eternal life. He also walks with us in our pain and heals our hearts.

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