The Opportunity of the Storm

Scripture Passage: Matthew 14:22-33

Retell the story or act out the story with different family members taking a role, i.e. Peter, Disciples, Jesus, someone responsible for sound effects

• What was the problem that the disciples had?

• Where was Jesus when they had the problem?

• What did Jesus do?

• What did Peter do?

• What happened when Peter took his eyes off Jesus?

• Why did he take his eyes off Jesus?

• What did Jesus do?

• What did the disciples realize when Jesus brought Peter into the boat?

Practical Application

• When have you been afraid?

• What or who helped you not be afraid?

• What can we learn from “storms?”

• What can we learn about God in “storms?”

A Current Event

• Talk about our present storm (COVID-19)

• What do we know about it?

• How does it make you feel?

• What can we do?

• From our Bible story and past experiences, how can we apply what we have learned to our present challenge?

• Where is Jesus in our present circumstances?

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