Three Keys to Restoration

Encounters With Jesus Final_Encoutners w Jesus Wide

Scripture Passage: Matthew 11

  1. Be bold enough to ask.
    Verse 1-3. When we encounter hard situations or are struggling, it’s important to be bold enough to ask. John in this passage probably thought the plan was going different than he expected or thought it would. John is doubting but deals with it the right way by bringing his doubts directly to Jesus.
  1. Be wise enough to know.
    Wisdom focuses on knowledge rather than emotion. Emotions can easily deceive you. In verses 4-6, Jesus is quoting Old Testament prophecy and redirects back to truth.
  1. Be tender enough to accept.
    In this passage, Jesus reminds John how he sees him. It’s important to be tender enough to accept both how God truly sees us as well as believe God is who He says he is.


  • What stood out to you most from the message this morning?
  • How do you relate to John in this passage?
  • Is there Scripture truth you need to cling to this morning? What passage comes to mind?
  • In what areas of your life do you need to take your doubt, struggles or unbelief to God? Be bold and do so!

In those situations, what is the truth about how God sees you? What is the truth about who God is? Seek wisdom and truth.

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