Friends Who Care

Scripture Passage: Mark 2:1-12

This is the story of four friends who did whatever it takes to get their hurting friend to the feet of Jesus.

Remember the Need
The man in the story needed to be healed physically and spiritually. The mission of Jesus is to meet the true need in our lives — forgiveness. To find true fulfillment, we must realizes that Jesus came to heal us spiritually.
Luke 19:10 “For the son of man has come to seek and to save the lost”

Remember the Team
Four men carried their friend. Doing things alone is hard. Doing things with others is easier. We have a team at church and home — fellow believers walking together and building each other up.

Remember the Options
These men could have easily seen the full room and turned around. Instead, they assessed the situation and found an option. When it comes to bringing people to Jesus, remember the options. Never give up on those you love to be healed.

Remember the Savior
These men could not save their friend, they could only bring them to Jesus. Our job is to faithfully share Jesus, God will do the rest. Our job is to share, Jesus saves.

Strategic Conversations: 

• What is forgiveness? Can you give an example of someone forgiving someone else? • • What does Jesus forgive us from?
• As a family, in what ways do you act like a team?
• What are some characteristics of a team? How would you describe a team to someone who have never heard of a team before?
• What are some things you need to work on as a family team? 
• How far would you go to share Jesus with someone? 
• What are some fears you may have with sharing Jesus and being the Light in the Darkness? 
• Who will you invite? Who will you bring to the feet of Jesus? Name one person and pray for them!

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